Proving descent from Pilgrim Henry Samson:
Make use of published volumes of the “Mayflower Families,” Vol. 20, Parts 1, 2 and 3, available at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) website linked here:
Mayflower Silver Books

Descent from Henry Samson may also be proven through marriage of one of his many descendants to a descendant of another Pilgrim passenger. You can select from the many volumes of the “Mayflower Families” at the GSMD website, or the books may be available at your local library.

Mayflower Families Volume 20 Henry Samson:
Part 1 includes four generations of the family of Henry Samson with children of the fifth generation.
Parts 2 & 3 cover the fifth generation of the descendants of Henry Samson, and in some instances, covers generation six and seven. They also include several new fifth-generation descendants identified.

Part 2 includes the fifth generation descendants of five of Henry Samson’s children.
They are listed below along with their spouses:
Elizabeth m. Robert Sprout
Hannah m. Josiah Holmes
Unknown Daughter m. John Hanmore/Hammer
Dorcus m. Thomas Bonney
James m. Hannah (—-) Wait
Part 3 includes the fifth generation descendants of Henry Samson’s sons.
They are listed below along with their spouses:
Stephen m. Elizabeth (—-)
Caleb m. first Mercy Standish (all children from this union)

Proving descent from Abraham Sampson:
Abraham is the probable first cousin of Henry Samson and was in Duxbury by 1638. If you descend from John Alden or Myles Standish through their granddaughters Lora(h) or Lydia, you have a proven descent from Abraham Sampson. The sisters married Abraham’s sons, Abraham (II) and Isaac respectively and are eligible for membership (see Membership Requirements).

When applying for membership submit photocopies of your Samson, Alden, or Standish papers to our Kindred genealogist: Linda Longley. The papers should bear the signature of the GSMD Historian General if the date thereon is 1983 or later. If you don’t have a signed copy, contact the GSMD Library. Copies of approved lineage papers can be purchased for $10.00: