#3.  Henry Samson Descendants

Children Of Henry And Anne (PLUMMER) SAMSON

Details of the second and third generations as found in the
"MFFG Vol. 20, Part 1, Henry Samson, Published by GSMD."

1. Elizabeth SAMSON m. ca. 1661 Robert SPROUT.
i. Mercy SPROUT m. Thomas OLDHAM, Jr.. 10 children.
ii. Anna SPROUT m. Ebenezer RICHMOND. 6 children.
iii. James SPROUT m. (1) Elizabeth SOUTHWORTH. 4 children.
m. (2) Rachel BUCK, the widow DWELLY. No children.
iv. Ebenezer SPROUT m. Experience HAWES. 5 children.
v. Hannah SPROUT m. Ephraim KEEN. 8 children.

2. Hannah SAMSON m. Josiah HOLMES.
i. Hannah HOLMES m. either John or Thomas LAMBERT. 8 children.
ii. John HOLMES m. (1) Johanna SPRAGUE. 1 child who died in infancy.
m. (2) Susanna RANDALL, the widow STETSON. 8 children.
iii. William HOLMES m. Bathsheba STETSON. 9 children.

3. Unidentified daughter SAMSON m. John HANMORE/HANMER.
i. John HANMER m. Mary —–. 1 child.
ii. William HANMER m. Elizabeth KINGMAN. 3 children.

4. Mary SAMSON m. John SUMMERS/SOMERS. No children.

5. Dorcus SAMSON m. Thomas BONNEY, Jr.
i. Ebenezer BONNEY Unmarried.
ii. Elizabeth BONNEY m. Ephraim NORCUT. 7 children.
iii. Mercy BONNEY m. (1) Nathaniel DELANO. 5 DELANO children.
m. (2) John CURTIS. No children.

6. James SAMSON m. Hannah —–, the widow WAIT.
i. James SAMSON m. Ruth SAWYER/SAYER. 8 children.
ii. Joseph SAMSON m. Sarah SAMSON (dau. Of Abraham and Lorah (Standish) SAMSON). 6 children.
iii. Anne SAMSON m. Shubal SMITH. No children.
iv. Penelope SAMSON m. Abraham SAMSON. 8 children.
v. Susanna SAMSON m. Benjamin HILLMAN. 6 children.
vi. Priscilla SAMSON m. Samuel HAMMOND, Jr. 1 child.

7. Stephen SAMSON m. Elizabeth ——. Benjamin SAMSON m. Rebecca COOKE. 6 children.
i. John SAMSON m. Priscilla BARTLETT. 9 children.
ii. Hannah SAMSON m. Robert TYLER. 5 children.
iii. Mary SAMSON m. Samuel THAYER. 9 children.
iv. Elizabeth SAMSON m. Jonathan THAYER. 9 children.
v. Dorcus SAMSON m. John PLUMBLY. 1 child.
vi. Abigail SAMSON m. George BRUCE. 4 children.

8. Caleb SAMSON m. (1) Mercy STANDISH.
m: (2) Rebecca BARTLETT, the widow BRADFORD and STANFORD. No Samson children by wife (2).
i. David SAMSON m. Mary CHAFFIN/CHAPIN. 10 children.
ii. Lora SAMSON m. Benjamin SIMMONS. 5 children.
iii. Rachel SAMSON m. Moses SIMMONS. 10 children.
iv. Caleb SAMSON m. Mehitable FORD. 5 Children.
v. Joshua SAMSON m. Mary OAKSMAN. 4 children.
vi. Ruth SAMSON m. John FULLERTON. 8 children.
vii. Jerusha SAMSON m. Ebenezer BARTLETT. 1 child.

Details through the fourth generation and the names of the fifth generation can found in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) “Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 20, Part 1 (2000) and details of the fifth generation with names of the sixth in Vol. 20, Part 2. For these, and other “Mayflower” passenger descendants, see the GSMD Website www.themayflowersociety.com.