7. Searching the Abraham Sampson Genealogy File.

Learn how to find if you are descended from Abraham Sampson by comparing known Mayflower Descendants.
Click Here  to view a document detailing how to search names in the Abraham Sampson Genealogy file.
(This file opens in a new Browser Tab)

Note: The Abraham Sampson Genealogy PDF file does not have source citations included.
If you want the source citations you can request an Ancestor Source Report by contacting the Sampson Genealogy Project Administrator : Guy Moellendorf.
Current PHSK members can request the Report at no cost.
Non-members can request the Report for a fee of $35 USD.   or
Non-members can become a member of the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred and request the Report at no cost..
For infromation on becoming a PHSK member, contact the Membership Chair:  Linda Longley

Click Here to Request a Report and to Contact the Sampson Genealogy Project Administrator.
You will need to provide the name, birth, death and parent of your closest Sampson ancestor found in the pdf file.
You will need to provide your lineage to that ancestor, give as much information as you can for each generation.