#5. Foreword to the "ABRAHAM SAMPSON GENEALOGY" File (PDF)"

The Descendants of Abraham Sampson is a 13 Generation Report compiled by Stacy B. C. Wood, Jr. and based on the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred’s “Abraham Sampson Database of Sources”. Because there are no recent publications similar to the Mayflower Society’s Five Generation Project specifically for a non-Pilgrim Abraham Sampson (Samson), the database was assembled to help prospective members find sources to help prove their lines to Abraham. It is a work in progress that currently consists of more than 27,500 individuals.

The individuals are descendants, their spouses and parents of those spouses. Each descendant is accompanied by an individual number, the line back to Abraham, and when available the dates and places of birth, marriage, death, occupation, and Federal Census information. The Name Index includes dates of birth and death when known. Where possible, databank lines have been extended back to Pilgrim ancestors. Those lines do not appear in this report because, once again, this report is for Abraham’s descendants. The report has been assembled from various published sources, the most recent being the 1930 Federal Census, Social Security Death Index into 2009, some state death indexes as recent as 2003, and submissions by both PHSK members and non-members, however sources are not included with the Report as presented here.

Besides Sampson/Samson, the 10th Generation includes the following surnames: Ackley, Armitage, Atwood, Bachelder, Barrows, Barstow, Berry, Blute, Brightman, Burt, Button, Chandler, Collins, Curtis, Delano, Downes, Fisher, Glass, Hammers, Harriman, Hatch, Henderson, Hutchinson, Jones, Jordan, Magee, Magoun, Manter, Marsh, Morrison, Newcomb, Noyes, Penover, Peterson, Pollard, Pratt, Rippe, Sanborn, Silsby, Smith, Soule, Tagan, Tolman, Turner, Vaughan, Wagner, Weston, White, Winsor. The 11th generation includes Marsh, Noyes, Peterson and Tagan. The Table of Contents tell you where each generation begins. There is an All Name Index (i.e. given and surname with dates) at the end of the Report.

The report identifies duplicate lines. The database includes Abraham’s first cousin Pilgrim Henry Samson only when lines merge. Those interested in proving descent from Pilgrim Henry Samson should refer to the Mayflower Society’s “Mayflower Families Through Five Generations – Family of Henry Samson” Volume 20 Parts 1, 2 and 3. Some of Henry’s 6th and later generations that are shared with Abraham appear in those publications.

Thanks are due to various PHSK members and others for contributing information to the database, particularly Brian Bahler, Kathleen C. Beals, Paul S. Bumpus , Jeff Bushmann, Bob Campbell, Catherine Carter, Denise Soules Caywood, Muriel C. Cushing, Barbara Sampson Dillon, Steve Ferriss, Jane F. Fiske, J. W. Francis, Ann T. Gillis, Erica Hahn, Luana Johnson, Philip A. Keane, David Kula, Robert M. Long, Dawn Mason, Anne K. Sampson-Harrison, Franklin D. Sampson, Robert F. Sampson, James Samson, Karri R. Samson, Scott Samson, Walter Samson, Dennis E. Schneible, Suzanne K. Shaub, Brian Shaw, Sue Gardiner Shreve, Dean Simpson, Julie Ann B. Steves, Dean Stimson, Clay Stubbins, Louis W. Throop, Mary D. Trickey, Laurel Van Dusen, Lucina H. Verish, Wanda M. Walker, Bruce Williams, Frances Janette Williams, Raymond Wing, Barbara Young, and Jax Zumwalt.

The PDF file does not contain reference citations to the data sources. Those reference citations, contained in the Abraham Sampson database, will identify known Mayflower connections in generations 1 thru 6. The data sources reference citations are available upon request. See Item 7 in the Table of Contents, to request source citations for your line to Abraham Sampson.