Abraham Sampson raised his family in Duxbury, the first village founded next to the Plymouth Colony
Abraham's children and grandchildren married into the Mayflower families. Four of his seven children married a descendant of a Mayflower Passenger, the other three children of Abraham had children that married a descendant of a Mayflower Passenger. Many of Abraham's great-grandchildren also married a Mayflower Passenger descendant. See the table below.

Abraham SAMPSON's Children with Spouse GSMD Reference Book1
i Samuel m: Esther DELANO Philip DELANO2
ii Elizabeth m: Philip DELANO Philip DELANO2
iii Mary m: Samuel HOWLAND Vol 23,  HOWLAND1
iii Mary m: Samuel HOWLAND Vol 23,  HOWLAND1
iiii George m: Elizabeth SPRAGUE Vol 9,  EATON1
Vol 17,  ALLERTON1
Vol 23,  HOWLAND1
vi Isaac m: Lydia STANDISH Vol 14,  STANDISH1
vii Judith m: Benjamin HOWLAND Vol 23,  HOWLAND1

1 Each Mayflower Passenger has a GSMD Book, refered to as the "Silver Books", some with multipule volume additions labeled "Part" and formally named the "Mayflower Families through Five Generations" (MFFG). These published books are available at major libraries and for sale by the GSMD on their website. https://www.the mayflowersociety.org

2  "Philip Delano of the Fortune" - Descendants to the Seventh Gereration, Parts 1 thru 6, compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing. This published book is available at major libraries and for sale by the GSMD on their website. https://www.the mayflowersociety.org

Abraham Sampson Associated Surnames Through 4 Generations
Source: Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred's  Abraham Sampson Database

Alden, Allen, Atkins
Barden, Barker, Barlow, Barnaby, Barrows, Bartlett, Bearse, Bennett, Bent, Besse, Bicknell, Billington, Bisbee, Bishop, Blackmer/Blackmore, Bonney, Booth, Bosworth, Bourne, Bradford, Branch, Brickett, Brock, Brooks, Bryant, Buck, Butt
Carver, Caswell, Chandler, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Cobb, Cohoon, Conant, Cooke, Coombs, Cornish, Crisp, Cullifer/Gullifer, Cushing, Cushman
Darling, Delano, Dewsbury, Dexter, Dillingham, Dingley, Doten/Doty, Durfee
Eaton, Eddy, Eldridge, Ellis
Faunce, Fearing, Fish, Ford, Fuller, Fullerton
Gallop, Gorham, Gray, Gullifer/Cullifer
Hacket, Hall, Handy, Hanks, Harlow, Hawes, Hodges, Holmes, Horrel, Howard, Howland, Hunt
Kelly/Okiley/Killey/Kelley, Kirby
Leach, Loring, Lucas
Manchester, Martin, Morton, Murdock
Nash, Nelson, Newton
Oaks, Oaksman, OKiley, Osborne
Parker, Parris, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Pierce, Pope, Porter, Pratt, Presho, Prior
Randall, Rickard, Rider, Ring, Ripley, Robbins, Ronnciful, Rouse, Russell
Sampson, Samson, Saunders, Savery/Savory, Shaw, Sherman, Short, Simmons, Smith, Snell, Soule, Southworth, Spooner, Sprague, Sproat, Sprout, Standish, Stetson, Studley, Sturtevant, Sylvester
Tilson, Tinkham, Tobey, Tupper, Turner
Walker, Washburn, Wast/West, Waterman, West/Wast, Weston, White, Whitmarsh, Williamson, Wing, Witherel, Wood